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June 2018
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All about Car Insurance Claims

Car Insurance Claims

Investments in the form of asuransi mobil all risk or TLO is intangible. However, the benefits would be enormous felt when a disaster occurs either when the collision, slipping, or otherwise to cause damage to the car as well as injuries to the passenger. However, the policyholder must previously made the claim to be able to get compensation. Discuss further yuk sundries car insurance claims!

How important is a police certificate to claim?

In filing a car insurance claim, the policyholder must have a certificate of the police against accidents that occur. Police certificate is very important and is evidence that the accident or other disaster actually occurs. Therefore, it is important for customers to immediately report to the police in addition to immediately contact the insurer at least 72 hours after the incident and documenting parts of the wrecked car. Remember, insurance companies do not want to suffer a loss on fraud committed policyholders(purposely triggered the accident).

What is the influence of age to join on filing a claim?

Not all customers can make a claim to the insurance company. At least, the claim made at least 1 year to join the company. Within such time period, the funds collected by private customers at least there. It is reasonable when the insurance company will reject the filing of insurance claims if the age of the policyholder itself under 1 year. Should renew car insurance policy owned in order to benefit to the maximum instead of buying a new insurance policy.

How does the cause of the accident to the claim?

Car insurance claims filed policyholder can fail because the cause of the accident that occurred. In addition to the police request a certificate, the company itself will conduct a survey of accidents occurring if absolutely pure accident or an accident that was done deliberately in order to get compensation from the company. In addition, the accident occurred due to break traffic signs, overtaking from the left side, melawar flow, drunk driving, or more, companies are not going to withdraw the funds for compensation.

Failed least claim procedures depending on the type of protection in the policy. Accidents that occur according to mutual agreement and clearly stated in the insurance policy would be covered by the company. Obviously if pemohom claims have been recommended melengkapo documents ranging from police to photocopy certificate policy. If it was an accident that occurred not listed in the policy, there is no right for the client to apply for compensation.

Not forgetting reporting to the insurance company also should not be taken lightly. Passing of a predetermined time period, the company will not hesitate to ignore the claims filed. So, do not make small mistakes and then make the funds that have been issued over the years wasted. If you do not have time to report directly, the company makes it to provide customer service, email, or SMS. Read more prosedur pengajuan klaim here.